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Lorna Goldsmith

Fibre and textile are great and versatile media. You can paint, distort, stitch and more onto fabrics and materials, combine it with other media, or create new textile materials from scratch, spinning and weaving, knitting or crocheting.

I work using various textile techniques, mainly tapestry weaving, but also stitching and working with thread and fabric, and adding other materials.

I am interested in what marks can do on paper and textiles and like to work experimentally with yarn, thread and fabric to create new forms and structures.

Photography, print and drawing form the starting point for ways to think about my designs.

Materials used in my work include fabrics and paper and I will also seek to re-use or collect anything that promises that it might offer up interesting textures, lines or patterns. This world contains a lot of stuff that often becomes the detritus of consumer society and there is something satisfying in knowing that it can be picked up and contribute to new forms of expression.

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